‘Show, don’t tell’ for faster pre-sale success

For those developments that are in the process of construction, virtual reality tours are a particularly useful selling tool, helping clients to envisage what their property will look and feel like once it is complete.

Moreover, “Virtual Makeovers” are said to be the next step in this version of augmented reality, whereby potential property purchasers will have the ability to re-furnish and re-decorate the house they are considering making their own.

Virtual Reality for property development


As a rule of all things technology, innovation never stops. At Creative Web Studio we are always looking for ways to advance and grow our ideas. Virtual Reality is no exception as virtual sense of smell, virtual touch and even virtual chat with your builder via hologram are all currently under development.

Moreover, “Virtual Makeovers” are said to be the next step in this version of augmented reality, whereby potential property purchasers will have the ability to re-furnish and re-decorate the house they are considering making their own. They will be able to choose everything from the colour of paint on the walls to the furniture and will even be given the option to knock down virtual walls and re-design the properties floorplan just as they would like to do if they bought it.

The magic starts with a “Plan”


Yes, a 2D Floor Plan is all we need. From the CAD, we can build a 3D interior and exterior render of your property.

3D apartment floor plans give the viewer the ability to understand the interior of the apartment, condo, townhouse, or house before they even visit the site.

A 3D plan is easier to understand than a 2D floor plan. An interactive 3D floor plan allows a person who has no experience in reading plans to understand a layout design instantly.

3D floor plans are created using state of the art software similar to what is used in animated films. Our professional designers create the apartment and then choose appropriate lighting (casting shadows in appropriate spaces) and camera angles to produce an “artistic” photographic image of your property. These images give a “real life” feel to the viewer and enable them to understand the layout even before walking through the front door of the apartment.


The 3D renders that set you apart from the competition


3D rendering is the smart, contemporary choice for builders, developers, architects, designers, real estate agents and any other field with an interest in communicating information about a building or a product.

The benefit from using this compelling technique for marketing properties or developing and fine-tune building or other designs is in the instant expression of your plans, without words.

3D visuals cut to the power of imagination and use imagery to answer any doubts or questions in the viewers’ minds. Your audience is quickly moved to exciting discussions about the benefits of your designs, saving time and shifting the conversation to a new level, quickly.


Hands-on experience for accurate 3D graphics that sell


Whether it’s 3D perspectives, internal and external architectural renders, product rendering, artist’s impressions or more, CWS is your choice for quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness when you need to ‘sell’ designs to any audience.

Our team works closely with the Australian building industry including property developers including Vista Property Group, Kozmic Development, Gian Property Developments, Dibcorp, large and small-scale builders, interior designers, product specifiers and more. With backgrounds in architecture and construction design, you can depend on our senior staff for the highest standards of accuracy when it comes to the finer points of design documentation and plans.

The Virtual Reality experience


CWS offers a revolutionary ‘off-the-plan’ solution that allows you to explore the space before it exists and includes a VR App that, through the use of the gyroscope of any smartphone, gives the ‘OMG! It seems I’m really there’ feeling, an interior fly-through 360-degree interactive video that gives the viewer the chance to move inside your property by touching the screen of an iPad or a smart TV, or simply with a standard mouse.

Virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one. Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user through such devices are desktop screen, smart televisions, smartphones and Virtual reality headsets. These experiences are also known as immersive simulations.

Virtual reality creates endless possibilities for marketing products and property virtually. This can be an off the plan property development sales simulation which can be presented easily around the world, giving the users the opportunity to engage with the environment and its features as if they were actually there.


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